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What is a Home Inspection?
A Home Inspection is a visual, non-invasive, performance-based inspection of readily accessible, permanently installed components, at the time of inspection.  This includes the exterior of the property, foundation, roofing system, central air conditioning system, heating system, interior plumbing, interior electric, basement, ceilings, walls, floors and attic.  Your Private Eye Home Inspections are performed, at a minimum, pursuant to the guidelines specified in New Jersey Statute 13:40-15,16.  
Why perform a Home Inspection?
Purchasing a home is the single biggest investment that most people make in their lives.  Knowing how the systems of your potential new home are functioning is integral.  Undetected deficiencies can mean thousands of dollars out of your pocket.  There are so many parties involved with a real estate transaction, a licensed Home Inspector can be your best friend.  Having a proper inspection can be the difference between closing on the home of your dreams, or walking away entirely from a costly headache.
Let us be your advocate.  You need someone on your side.  You need Your Private Eye.  
Are there required certifications for performing a Home Inspection?
Yes.  Every Home Inspector must complete in-depth certification classes, extensive field work and continuing education requirements on a regular basis.  All Home Inspectors must be licensed by the State of New Jersey and fully insured.  At Your Private Eye Home Inspections, we take these requirements very seriously.  All of our Home Inspectors are fully trained, licensed by the state, insured and complete ongoing education.  
How much is a Home Inspection?
The cost of a Home Inspection can vary widely depending on the type of home, the size of the home, and maybe most importantly - on the Inspector themselves.   We believe in fair, honest, upfront pricing.  You can see our standard rates under our "Services" tab.  We can also customize rates for unique circumstances.  We are proud to offer senior and military discounts. Can you find a Home Inspection company with cheaper rates?  Probably.  But, please remember that oftentimes, you get what you pay for.   You are making the largest investment of your life - trust an expert.  Trust Your Private Eye.
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